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Books by Wayne Greenough


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5 Responses to “Books by Wayne Greenough”

  • Punkin:

    Hey Wayne!!!!

    That was funny—you were just telling us about Peggy starting your website. It’s “Great” Congrats to Peggy!!! Good Luck!!!

  • My Angelina Mine will be a second printing. Its original title was Somewhere In Time

  • Alida Johnson:

    Hi wayne,
    Just thought I’d visit just to say I came here. Id like to read your detective series in order, could you please send me the list. I downloaded on to my Kindle from amazon and havent started it yet but found out its not the first in the series. Thanks !

    Alida Johnson, Jacksonville Fla.

    • 1. The Ferguson Murder

      2. The Private Eye Murders

      3. Holiday Spirit

      4. Memorial Day

      5. Jennifer – This will be published, 2/1/13

      6. Scarlett Boas – This will be published, 3/1/13

      Thank you so much. Wayne

  • For a full list of my stories tap in Devine Destinies. You can also tap one of the above covers for a complete list of what has been published. Thank you.

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